Escrow Tip of the Month – March 2022

This month’s Escrow Tip is brought to you by…

Bobbie Artus, Certified Escrow Officer
Ticor Title Salem

Top 3 things that are important to your Escrow Teams that will help save everyone time and hang-ups on a transaction!

  • Contact Information for buyers and sellers at the beginning of the transaction – this little ask really does make the world of difference so we can start the transaction on the right foot!
  • Give Escrow a head’s up if your clients are traveling, moving, leaving the state during the transaction, especially as we near closing!
  • If there are any changes, addendums, etc., that effect the transaction please send them to escrow/lender as soon as possible – especially items that change the numbers. We really strive to all be on the same page with no surprises if at all possible.

We are always here to help, every step of the way, these little things can just ensure the transaction goes as smooth as possible and we are all working together towards the common goal = a successful transaction! Thank you!


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