How we’re Improving and Securing the Escrow Process

We are excited to introduce two one-minute animated videos that benefit both consumers and industry professionals.  The brief videos are designed to help buyers and sellers understand their role in the beginning stages of an escrow transaction as well as raise awareness of fraud-prevention measures we employ.

If you’re a buyer or seller in the beginning stages of a transaction, these videos are for your benefit, to orient you for success. If you’re a Real Estate industry professional, please encourage your clients to take one minute to watch their video. There are two important points in the videos that will help buyers/sellers have an optimal closing experience.

Secure Emailing & Fraud Prevention

Secure correspondence is vital to preventing wire fraud. And with added protection comes added sophistication.  A member of our team will contact the buyer/seller with instructions to register for secure emailing, which provides protection throughout the transaction. The few moments it takes to set up secure correspondence may make the difference between success or losing a life’s savings. 

How We Can Work Together to Expedite the Transaction

At the open of a transaction, buyers and sellers receive a package from our escrow team to complete, which helps us gather the necessary and required information to perform our services. Buyers and sellers are encouraged to please return the completed package as soon as possible so we may process the file expediently.


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