Real Estate Industry News – September 2022

Five Positive Realities of our Real Estate Market

  1. The OLD rules still apply, people will ALWAYS need to buy and sell real estate:
    1. Death, Divorce, Duplication or Destination           
  2. Seller interest rates create opportunity for them!
    1. Assuming they bought in the last 5-7 years; their intestate rate is probably lower than what a buyer can get now.
    1. If you client’s have to sell, ask if their loan can be assumable. This can be a KEY MARKETING benefit.
    1. Learn about this.
  3. Rates have DOUBLED
    1. Higher rates = more tax benefits
    1. And it’s a temporary issue that, if history repeats itself, will eventually be resolved in time with lower interest rates and we will have a refinance boom again.
  4. Lesser Demand = More Supply
    1. As we can see, inventory is up…. But not WAY UP all. SLOW IT DOWN.
    1. We are seeing DOM increase, and inventory increase; slightly
    1. Which means your buyer’s have options and sellers get to be more reasonable.
    1. This will increase purchasing power. Sellers used to help with closing costs and repairs, this has been a HUGE point on contention in the last few years.
  5. Separate the MEN from the BOYS…. Or the WOMEN from the GIRLS…. You get my point!
    1. The BEST of the BEST rise during these times
    1. Marketing is not PROSPECTING
    1. Get your resources in order.

My question to you….. Have you secured your resources, partners, systems, and scripts to ensure YOUR future success in a WORKING real estate market? Yes, a working market.

TWICE as much activity = Same or LESS results | SADDLE UP & Partner UP with the BEST!


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