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Mindset & Preparation!

Two perfect words as we start 2022! We thought it was perfect timing to share some best practices and tips on how to have a great mindset going into the new year and how you can be prepared for success! Remember, the action steps you take now will equal the results you have in 60-90 days! Here are a few things to consider and maybe even put into practice, starting NOW!

Mindset –

  1. Where is your mindset at? Write it down. All of it! Be honest with yourself and give yourself grace.
  2. Are you IN or OUT of control with your thoughts? All the things you wrote down, self-assess and write and IN or OUT next to each one.
  3. What are you going to do or can you do to fix it? Now next to each one, on the ones you are IN control over write down 1 specific thing you are going to do to fix it.

Preparation –

  1. Goals – Hopefully, fingers crossed, they are ready to go for the year. But are they clear, specific and measurable? Do you have business and personal goals written? How do you plan on breaking them down into smaller daily, weekly or monthly activities so that you can reach them?
  2. Do you have your 1st Qtr Roadmap to success? If not, reach out to your sales team and we can help you out with an easy to use template!
  3. Databank$ – Yep, Databank$ instead of Database because it is there to help you turn relationships into referrals into sales! Is it up to date? If not, time to clean up! Did you add all of the new clients form 2021? Do you have them in a CRM? Are they graded by how great of a referral partner and loyal they are? Do you know how often you are going to be reaching out to them monthly, quarterly, yearly? Are you prepared with what you are going to send, say or drop off? Need ideas or scripts or an fool proof easy way to stay connect with your sphere in a regular consistent basis, reply to this email right now!

“We design our lives through the power of choices.”
Richard Bach

We all have choices and we hope that you have chosen a positive mindset and are prepared for the success ahead. You got this and we are here to help support, encourage and motivate in any ways that we can. Your sales team is here to partner with you each step of the way!


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