Property Tax Cycle & Impound Chart in Oregon

Property Tax Cycle & Impound Chart

Important Dates, Assessment & Tax Rates

Property Assessment

The appraisal process identifies taxable property and assigns a value to it. County
assessors appraise most Oregon property and the property value is determined as of
January 1 each year.

Property subject to taxation includes all privately owned real property (land, buildings,
and fixed machinery and equipment), manufactured homes, and personal property used
in a business. Items with no property tax include:

  • Personal belongings and automobiles.
  • Crops & orchards.
  • Business inventories.
  • Household furnishings.
  • Certain intangible property.

Tax Rates

Taxes are certified by the taxing districts and the county assessor places them on the tax
roll each year in the Fall. Taxes are placed on the tax roll in the form of a rate per $1,000
of assessed value.

When a district certifies a dollar amount tax levy, such as a local option tax or bond
tax, the assessor must calculate a tax rate. To compute a tax rate, the tax levy amount
is divided by the taxable assessed value of the property in the district. This tax rate is
placed on the individual property tax accounts in the district.

The total amount of tax placed on a property is computed by multiplying the property’s
assessed value by the combined tax rates of all the districts in which the property is
located and then adding any assessments.


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