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Buyers and sellers desire a more secure and simple way to start their home closing experience. Start inHere® is a digital opening process that has been designed to maximize security and ease-of-use for consumers. Whether on your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop, Start inHere® is simple and intuitive to walk through. There are many reasons why Start inHere® is a smart way to begin your real estate transaction. Here are three of the most compelling ones.

Deliver you earnest money deposit in seconds from your phone.

Start inHere® Mobile Deposit allows buyers to enjoy the safety and simplicity of depositing their earnest money from the convenience of their smartphone. With just a few clicks, Start inHere® Mobile Deposit makes delivering earnest money as easy as taking a picture of the front and back of a check. It’s that simple. Deposits can be made as part of a buyer’s initial startSafe intuitive question-based flow or as a separate initial step. Either way, Start inHere® Mobile Deposit is safe and contact-free.

Ensure a faster and smoother closing experience.

Start inHere® Mobile Deposit allows buyers to The settlement agent gathers crucial information at the beginning of a real estate transaction to making sure any gaps are filled in and that everyone is on the same page for the closing. Start inHere® helps make this information gathering process easy for the consumer. And the best part is it only takes a few minutes from the comfort of where ever you are!

Help protect yourself from wire fraud.

Wire fraud is real and home buyers and sellers are the biggest targets. startSafe provides our WireSafe wiring instructions in a secure digital workspace. Historically, that information is sent via unsecure email inboxes. By using Start inHere’s secure digital workspace to receive your wiring instructions, you are helping protect yourself from the threat of wire fraud.

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